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Solution to problem after attempting to mount a partition created from an previous zfs partition

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It happens to me a few time after I’ve re-formatted a partition, when I attempt to mount it, I got the following error:

More filesystem detected

I got this even after I assumed I've deleted the previous partition with "fdisk". I have the impression that when deleting the a partition with "fdisk", it does not actually write on the partition to erase it. It simply remove the reference to it from the GPT but the actual data is still there. I you recreate the same GPT pointing the same location for the partition, still, the data is there and so the partition is there. And I have the impression that if it was a ZFS partition initially, that then I format in ext4, I will no error or warning and it gives me the impression it does the job. But, when it's time to mount it, I get the following mentionned error:

More filesystems detected

Error when mounting

To fix that, it looks like we may use the command


to destroy anything related to the partition.

Certainly we will need to reformat it, but at least it solves this mentionned problem.
See the flow of the example below:
Result of the wipefs command

We may after that recreate a partition and format it again and mount it without the problem we had before.

See the example here:
The now working mounting action

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